Wednesday, August 14, 2019

ONE Championship goes to Inda, SFC 8, UGB Rebirth, FMD, Fighters Give Back

Singapore Fighting Championship has announced their next show which will be September 28th at the FooChow building in Singapore.

That have not announced the full fight card yet, but when they do I will be sure to update everyone on the MMA matches.

SFC generally does cards with a mix of combat sports on them, MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai. I watched the last event on their Facebook live stream and there were some really good fights. I would highly recommend checking them out. Link to their FB page will be in the show notes.

It’s been a year since we have seen a Full Metal Dojo show in Bangkok, but now it looks as though they will be putting on their next event on August 31st. There still isn’t much known, but friend of the show Javier Trujillo will be in the main event against Ibrahim Radi from Monarchy MMA in Kuala Lumpur.

Javier recently made the move from Bangkok to Chaing Mai so he could focus more on his training. Last time I spoke to him he said things couldn’t be going any better. Hopefully, I will have him on the show soon so discuss his upcoming fight.

Over to Manila where Underground Battle MMA has announced their next card coming up August 23rd. No details on the card yet.

But what I love about UGB is that they have fights that are also a blend of MMA and stick fighting. They are absolutely wild. I’ll put a link in the show notes to one of their trailers that gives you a little taste of what that looks like. But definitely get excited about this.

In Malaysia Octagon Asia MMA has announced the Season 2 finalist for their tournaments at Bantamweight, Lightweight and Heavyweight That kick off on September 14th.

There are some well-known names in the local scene in the tournament. At Bantamweight, you’ve got Effendey Kalai and Aaron Lo

 At lightweight, you’ve got Joseph Yap

And at Heavyweight we’ve got Niker Tan

WIth 8 men per division, this could be anyone's game. Tournament style changes the dynamics, anything can happen.

In ONE Championship news, Chatri Sityodtong posted on his Facebook on August 8th that ONE Championship will 100% be going to India in 2020.

Of course they have a number of Indian fighters signed to the promotion and that being the second biggest market in Asia, it would make sense they want to begin to establish a base there.

ONE has also been making claims that they will hold a show in the US in 2020, that one I am far more skeptical about and will be interesting to see how ONE does they have to work within the confines of a regulating body like a commission.

Lastly, but surely not least. I was in Manila over the weekend for a charity event called Black Tie Black Eye Affair. I went there to watch my friend Bev, the Deisel Diva compete in a white-collar boxing match.

But what I want to bring some light to is how involved the local MMA scene was in supporting the event.

Both Brandon Very and Mitch Chilson were in attendance to support the cause, and from talking with others involved in the event they did a lot more than just show up, they gave a lot of their time and resources to help out.

This is one of the things I love about MMA, so many of the stars in the sport are generous with their time and resources, a lot of it we just don’t know about as well. Had I not been to this event I would have had no idea that Mitch or Brandon were there, and if other people had not told me how involved they were and how much they did to help out I would not have known because they weren’t advertising that.

I can think of countless other examples from other fighters as well. Enson Inoue comes to mind and his efforts to raise awareness help those people in Northern Japan after the earthquake and tsunami devastated that area.

Another fighter that comes to mind is AJ Pyro who is probably one of the most giving fighters I have ever met. When you meet AJ you can tell that giving back is just something that is hard-wired into him. AJ does everything from helping disaster victims to rescuing stray animals.

And there are countless more fighters who go out of their way and give their time to support great causes, I can’t name them all. In a sport that has it’s ups and downs this is always a bright spot for me.

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