Thursday, April 25, 2019

What is GAMMA and why does ONE Championship want to partner with them?

It popped into my email that ONE Championship announces a partnership with Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts.

Now, I had never heard of the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts, Or GAMMA since that’s a mouthful.

So before i even read the press release I went over to the good old google to see what would come up.
The first result, the very first thing at the top of the page, not a sponsored ad, was the site for IMMAF, and trust me, I’ll get to why that is so funny, that's not what google returns now, now their site is the first result, but at the time it wasn’t.

But I go down to the second result which is their site, and I click it, their homepage is the damn ONE Championship press release. Not like a  news page, or and about page, their home page has a picture of Chatri and a copy and paste of the same press release I have in my inbox.

So now I figure they must not really have anything to say about themselves, because everything seems to be about ONE.

First red flag.

So I decided to read the press release. And it gives you the typical flowery stuff about ONE that's in every press release and then it goes on to talk about GAMMA, and says they were founded in 2018, that’s almost a red flag, it’s in my hand, I haven’t thrown it yet, but I’m about to.

Then it gets to describing the GAMMA mission:
“GAMMA’s objective is to obtain international recognition for mixed martial arts as an Olympic sport, in order to give all amateur mixed martial artists the platform and opportunity to fulfill their dream of competing on the Olympic stage.”

Now hold on, that sure sounds A LOT like the mission of the one organization I have known for years has been working towards getting amateur MMA in the Olympics, the one organization whose president has been to every country in Asia meeting with sports ministries to get approval in each country.

The organization that if you go to Wikipedia page for mixed martial arts is actually listed as a governing body for amateurs… That's not GAMMA, it’s IMMAF.

GAMMA isn’t listed there because they are too young to actually qualify as a governing body.

In my experience, no organization has been more involved in helping to develop amateur MMA than IMMAF, I’ve run into their president Kerith Brown in 4 different countries in Asia as he has traveled to help promote and the sport.

So knowing what I do about IMMAFs involvement in global amateur MMA and the major role they have played in developing amateur MMA in Asia and that I have never heard anything, at all about GAMMA until ONE sent out a press release which is now their homepage.

I have to wonder… what the fuck is going on?

Out of nowhere, GAMMA shows up, pretty much has the same mission as the key player in the game, IMMAF and now ONE is their partner? If that doesn’t sound shady, I don’t know what does.

Of course, I don’t have all the answers, I don’t have all the information. But when something smells fishy, you have to assume there is something going on. I just don’t know what that is yet.

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